About Us

Refer3GoFree™ was conceived by Karim Cortbawi in 2005 as a sales promotion system. The idea was first presented to a private Richmond Chamber of Commerce group dedicated to discussing individual members business ideas. 

The group's reaction was very positive, but other commitments led to postponing the development of the idea until more recently. The domain refer3gofree.com was however registered in 2005.

r3g3, Inc, was established in 2013 to take up the development of Refer3GoFree™ and bring it to market. 

While the idea of giving something away when the buyer has purchased or referred similar sales ia already a popular sales promotion, Refer3GoFree™ is something entirely different. 

Refer3GoFree™ focuses on the use of this unique phrase as a tool for business growth. Our research has indicated that the phrase "refer 3 go free" or "refer three go free" has not had use or reference anywhere in the past other than it's inception and development as referred to here, and of course its use as a trade or service mark in the future. 

Find out more by visiting our merchants page, and see how your business and your clients can benefit from Refer3GoFree™ !